Vicious cycle affects students’ attendance at University

The new road modernization project is affecting students’ attendance at Kingston University.


The road-work near the Seething Wells campus is slowing down the traffic which affects the buses’ schedule, fact that makes students be late to class.


“One time I’d waited for 40 minutes at the bus stop and then I had to walk to University. It was so crowded it could not have taken all of the students,” Ellie Watkinson, 18, said.


“The project focuses on the cyclists’ pathway, replacing it with a better one and also on the crossing paths for pedestrians,” has stated Brian Travis, the supervisor.


Students are also opting to go to University by bicycles.

Amandeep Sahota, 19, said: “It is just making sure I am not late for class. Waiting for the bus…would be a disaster.”

The project will be done in the next two weeks.