more than 24 hours in: Costinesti

I am currently in Oradea, Romania. It is already Autumn. Time flies by so quickly, summer flew by even quicker.

I’ve had a summer full of flights and car rides. But most importantly I got to spend my summer with my boyfriend, who lives 600 km away from my hometown, Bucharest.

Keep an eye on my blog as I’m going to write an article on long distance relationships soon enough. But for now, let me tell you how we spend our time in Costinesti, at the seaside.

August was approaching fast, so my boyfriend and I decided to escape the concrete jungle to the seaside for six days.

On the 30th of July we packed our bags and took the morning train to Costinesti. After 3 hours on the train, with a smoothie in one hand and my bag in the other, we made our way to our hotel.



On our first day we met up with some friends, ate dinner and ventured into the night for some fun.



On our second day we gazed at the apricot-toned sunrise and later that evening we enjoyed some iced tea on our vintage balcony and got lost into the cherry blossom sunset.



We went everyday to the beach, soaked our feet into the sparkling sand, dived into the clear blue sea and ate at our favourite restaurant, as we did last year, where we drank some (lots of) glasses of wine.



Sebastian and I wanted to relax as much as we could, so we spent some time by the pool, read a book and cooled down with some caramel and chocolate frappes.



On our last night, we lit up some sky lanterns and send good vibes and wishes into the stellar galaxy.



I hope you enjoyed this post and also my previous ones from Brasov and Sibiu.

The next post will be a video all about Oradea.

♥ Irina

Author: irinaiacob

I am a journalist from Bucharest, Romania, currently trying my luck in London. I believe that "knowledge is power but enthusiasm pulls the switch." I have a passion for filming and editing photos and videos. I always write with a cup of coffee in my hand.

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