April Favourites 2018

Summer is just around the corner and I am already daydreaming about my next flight back to Romania. I am in desperate need of a vacation. But first…exams. I won’t mention my favourite highlighters and flashcards, or my textbooks and the amount of caffeine that has entered my body this month.

This April I have been testing products from The Body Shop, and I can safely say I am obsessed.

I have always been into skin-care, but this past month I have paid more attention to which products I use for a glowy and healthy looking skin.

The three products I have been using constantly in April are the Vitamin E moisturiser, along with the Vitamin E eye cream and the Tea Tree toner from The Body Shop.


Before applying anything on my face, I cleanse my skin and I use the Body Shop Tea Tree mattifying toner. Then, I apply the Vitamin E face cream and what I like most about this cream is that it mattifies the skin and moisturises it at the same time. After all of that, I apply the Vitamin E eye cream with my ring finger and voila! The recipe for radiant skin the next morning.As I have previously just mentioned my addiction to The Body Shop products, which are also not tested on animals, I gave their primer, InstaBlur, a try. The texture is gelatinous, it is clear, doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and it does blur your pores. You can wear it on its own or before applying foundation. Now, it has become a regular in my bag and in my everyday makeup routine.


I ran out of my favourite concealer, Rimmel London Match Perfection, and I decided to try something else. You probably know about this one, as everyone is raving about how well it works – Maybelline New York Instant Anti Age Concealer. And I agree, it looks incredibly natural on my skin and it doesn’t crease under my eyes. The applicator is soft and helps distribute the product evenly.Music is always present in my day-to-day life. My dear melancholy, – The Weeknd. If you haven’t given it a listen until now, you have to. It is still on repeat in my playlist.

Running. I have started going for runs at around 7:00 pm and I feel so refreshed and free. Near where I live is a rugby field where I go and forget about everything. I feel as if by running I leave all the stress and negativity behind, somehow. Sometimes, I sit on the grass and meditate as well, as it puts me in a peaceful state of mind for the rest of the day.

These have been my favourites in April, but you will hear from me next Monday.

Author: irinaiacob

I am a journalist from Bucharest, Romania, currently trying my luck in London. I believe that "knowledge is power but enthusiasm pulls the switch." I have a passion for filming and editing photos and videos. I always write with a cup of coffee in my hand.

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