Here’s to 2019

New Year’s Eve

Oradea, 11 AM

I sat down with my coffee and I thought long and hard about the year that I’ve just had. It was something else. I went through thick and thin, but I am grateful for all the experiences that 2018 has brought me.

I got to explore the city that has conquered my heart, London, what I call home now. Narrow streets, bright lights, local shops and landmarks.

I finished my second year of university, discovered my passion for journalism law, visited the BBC and Sky News headquarters and focused on my YouTube channel.

I posted my first makeup tutorial, which I’ve dreamed of doing since I was in the fifth grade, and I bought a domain for my blog.

Summer of ’18 was a roller coaster. I visited my family in Bucharest and then travelled to the other side of the country to see my second family for my boyfriend’s birthday.

In July we went to the beach and returned with sand in our shoes, salt in our hair and memories to last a lifetime.

It was then time to return to reality. I gained work experience at a radio station and then did a fashion internship at a UK national newspaper which consumed me on another level.

My boyfriend and I moved in together after more than two years in a long-distance relationship. September was a good month.

In 2018 my childhood dreams became reality and my final year of university rolled around.

I turned 21 and ate the best burger at 5 Guys.

I attended my first fashion show at the V&A and started @StylishDirectory, where every outfit has a story behind it.

I spent the first Christmas in London with my family, went to Winter Wonderland, shopped ’til we dropped and drank my weight in prosecco and mulled wine.

I am back home in Romania for New Year’s celebrations and looking back I am thankful for everyone’s health and happiness.

So, here’s to 2019, may it be at least just as good as 2018.

x Irina