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Sarah Jessica Parker is a huge inspiration for me, from her iconic role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City to all her movies and TV shows in between then and now.

Sex and the City ended on 22 February 2004, 15 years ago, so as this anniversary is approaching, I wanted to relive what sparked my passion for writing.

When I was little I used to glimpse at the TV when my mom was unwinding after a long day at work and she would watch the 90s popular show.

I used to see Carrie in front of her computer, laying down words on a shiny screen, or running in shoes-to-die-for to meet with Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda for their brunch dates, and I used to be extremely excited to be “old enough to watch” this love and sex-centered TV show.

The first time ever I watched Sex and the City – I have probably seen it 5 times already – I was so inspired not only by Carrie but by her career choice.

It was like a revelation to me.

I have always loved writing. When I was in the first and second grades I would write songs, scenarios and scripts for plays I would put together with my friends. I still have a bunch of notebooks with random nonsense scribbled and stories that I would create and write down with glittery pens. Not to mention all the journals full of emotions and dreams that I have hidden in a carton box somewhere in my dressing room, back in Bucharest.

When I saw Carrie write for a living, I realised what my true passion was and all the little things that I would do as a child finally made sense.

So I decided to pursue a journalism career and improve my writing. Even now, whenever I sit down with a cup of coffee next to me and put pen to paper or thoughts in a blog post entry, words have a natural flow and they easily find their way out into the world.

One of my goals was to be able to share my thoughts with others and this blog has enabled me to do so. And I am so happy I have this outlet for my creativity. Another goal is to write a book. I have started typing the first few chapters – I hope that one day I will publish it.

On a sunny day in November 2018, I have put this outfit together and when I took another look in the mirror, I kind of traced it back to SJP in the intro of SATC. Maybe it’s the curly hair or the fluffy skirt, but I kind of see the outfit as ‘Carrie Bradshaw turned punk’.

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Author: irinaiacob

My name is Irina, born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, currently chasing my dreams in London, United Kingdom. I first smiled on 23 October 1997 and I have done so since. In 2016, I wanted to create a blog to have an outlet for my creativity – a safe space where I could express myself and talk about subjects I am passionate about – beauty, fashion, lifestyle. I find inspiration in the little things and I always write with a cup of coffee next to me.

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