10 healthy habits you should adopt in your daily life

A healthy lifestyle can mean anything from eating unprocessed foods, going to the gym a couple of times a week or feeling good about your life choices.

However, I have discovered ten healthy habits that have changed my way of living for the better. I can guarantee that if you start implementing some of these tips, you will bloom and feel more content in your daily life.

1. Having a clean and tidy space

Having a clean space where you work, study or simply live is crucial to a sound lifestyle. I personally cannot function in a messy environment and thus, a tidy and organised household instantly gives me the motivation to work towards my targets. Plus, cleaning is therapeutic and can help organise your thoughts as well. Put on your favourite songs and make your space squeaky-clean.

2. Working out? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

But you should make time! I have started religiously working out since the beginning of May this year and I have managed to keep going to the gym even with an always-changing work schedule. Working out has not only helped my physical health but my mental one as well. Take one to two hours a couple of times a week to disconnect from the world, connect to your thoughts and improve your fitness level. You do not need to go to the gym if you do not enjoy lifting weights or joining classes, you can simply buy a yoga mat from Amazon and choose a YouTube video to guide you through the routine.

3. Cook amazing meals

Being healthy also means paying attention to what food you choose to eat. However, you can create healthy and delicious meals at home. Instead of eating at the Italian restaurant across the street, buy some wheat pasta, lots of cheese and create a homemade carbonara sauce. It will definitely taste delicious and be much better for your health than the carbohydrate overdose served on a fancy plate. I love cooking something different every day. You can find inspiration everywhere from Instagram to Jamie Oliver’s books. Remember to have fun with it and enjoy the result.

4.  Glowing Green Smoothie

When I was in high school, I used to drink the Glowing Green Smoothie every day and it would give me energy for the day, a natural glow from within and many necessary nutrients for a healthy kick-start of the day. I have recently decided to start drinking the smoothie again because it is one of the best healthy habits you can have for your digestive system and life in general. All you need to do is add all the ingredients in a blender. I will make a more detailed post about this smoothie and its benefits soon, so stay tuned.

5. Learn how to say NO

I can safely say that I have just recently learnt how to say NO! Stop trying to please people and put yourself first. I think that at one point everyone has dealt with a situation, either at work or in his/her personal life, where they did not say ‘no‘ and others took advantage of them and their kindness. Trust me, once you start prioritising your needs and start taking decisions for yourself, life will be easier and more positive. Nope, not today!

6. Reward yourself

I believe that setting targets and little rewards if you achieve them will motivate you to work even harder. For example, set weekly or monthly targets and decide what the reward should be: a nice dinner, a new pair of shoes or a luxurious face mask – you name it. Do this exercise and see how it goes. You deserve it!

7. Keep the good people in your life close to you

We all go through good and bad days – it is just how life is. Make sure you are surrounded by kind, supportive and positive people. Distance yourself from bad influences. The sooner you do this, the better. Having a good friend or a family member to talk to when things are not exactly as you planned can change your mood and perspective.

8. Indulge in cravings from time to time

I have so many cravings that I have to tone down weekly that I cannot even count. But from time to time it is important to indulge in your cravings and enjoy the little things.

9. Go offline

Nowadays, everything is revolving around the internet and countless apps on our phones or laptops. There is a function that tells you how much time you spend online called screen time. Take time offline: flip through a magazine with a cup of tea or coffee, go for a walk through your neighbourhood or take a relaxing bath. Sometimes, I wish I could go back to the days where our lives were not so focused on technology and online communication, when people would call a friend instead of texting, read a book instead of a kindle, go to the cinema instead of Netflix. Am I the only one?

10. Stop apologising

Stop apologising for who you are. I cannot stress this enough. Be unapologetically yourself and own it. Voice your opinions, stand up for yourself and most importantly, believe in your powers. Your life will change if you start doing this.

They say that it only takes twenty-one days to form or to kick a habit so make sure it is a healthy one.

Author: irinaiacob

My name is Irina, born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, currently chasing my dreams in London, United Kingdom. I first smiled on 23 October 1997 and I have done so since. In 2016, I wanted to create a blog to have an outlet for my creativity – a safe space where I could express myself and talk about subjects I am passionate about – beauty, fashion, lifestyle. I find inspiration in the little things and I always write with a cup of coffee next to me.

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