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There is no doubt that Rihanna revolutionised the beauty industry back in September 2017 when she came out with 40 shades of the original Pro Filt’r Soft Matte foundation, which has since expanded to 50 shades – under Fenty Beauty.

Yesteday, Glamour magazine hosted a masterclass with Fenty Beauty’s global makeup artist Hector Espinal, which included a live demo to ‘Get Your Fenty Face’, Rihanna’s go-to look, moderated by Elle Turner, the deputy beauty editor.

Apart from his expert knowledge in all-things beauty, Hector has such a charming personality that draws you in from the start. Spoiler alert: there were a couple “OMG! Why didn’t I know that before?” moments, so grab a cup of tea or coffee and discover Hector’s tips for that perfect skin makeup application…

  1. Finding the right foundation shade
    If you are looking to buy the Pro Filt’r foundation in either the matte or hydrating formula, it’s easy to find your right shade. The range is divided into neutrals, cools and warms, and further divided into four ‘families’, as Hector says – the 100, 200, 300 and 400, equivalent to light, medium, tan and deep.
  2. Match your undertone
    The undertone will give you that true match. There are two tones to consider when choosing your foundation shade – the surface tone and the undertone. Take for example your chest area, as Hector demonstrated, the upper area is where the sun would normally touch your skin, that is your surface tone. The area below your surface tone is your undertone which is your regular skin tone. Another trick is to press on the inner part of your forearm and once you lift your finger you will see a shade flash, that is your undertone.
  3. Use a damp sponge to achieve a natural look
    Hector says that using a damp sponge is a great tool if you have textured skin or acne scars. This will mimic your skin’s texture instead of laying the product on the surface.
  4. Let’s talk dark circles
    Rihanna has created the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer to match your foundation shade – yes, she made it that easy to erase those dark circles under your eyes! The matching concealer is very similar to your skin tone and will add a luminous touch. However, if you would like to brighten your under eye area, go for a lighter shade.
  5. Remember to build the coverage instead of trying to take it away
    Apply a small amount of concealer first in the areas that need a bit of colour correction or brightness and tap, tap, tap – use a brush to blend the concealer. Then, go in with your fingers to melt the product into the skin.
  6. “When you have a creasing concealer, you have too much product on.”
    If you seem to have applied a bit too much product, go back in with the back of your sponge to pick up the excess. Hector’s top tip is to take the Invisimatte Blotting Powder to fix your T-zone area to avoid any further creasing.
  7. “Contour is like wearing Spanx: you want to have them on but you don’t want anybody to know.” – words of wisdom to live by from Hector.
    He says contour is all about creating shadows, hiding or minimising particular areas. Hector’s go-to product for contouring is the Match Stix because it turns from cream to powder, plus it is so easily blendable (tried and tested by yours truly) and there are so many ways you can use it – from contour to eyeshadow and lipstick.
  8. Apply bronzer to the high points, where the sun would normally hit: cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead and a bit on the chin.
  9. Pinch your index finger to find the natural flush colour of your skin and lips
    For that natural look, choose the blush colour closest to the shade that shows up when you squeeze your finger (mind-blowing tip, right?). Go for the Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush, smile, apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards. You can always go back in with your sponge to tone it down if you’ve applied too much. He likes to apply a little amount on the nose too and so do I as I feel like it ties the look together.
  10. Highlight the areas you want to bring forward
    Have a look in the mirror and think about which key areas you’d like to highlight, be it the brow bone or the tip of the nose.
  11. Use the right sized brush
    Hector uses a small blending brush to apply the highlight for a precision. Think about the area you’re applying makeup to and choose a brush that fits that spot perfectly.
  12. Don’t forget the ears! (another “OMG!” moment)
    When he mentioned highlighting the ears, I had a confused face at first, but then, as he was explaining how we always accessorise with beautiful earrings but forget to give them a bit of makeup love, why not add a gorgeous glow to them too? You know that’s what I’m going to do from now on!
  13. If the highlight reaches your cheekbones, you know you’ve applied too much
  14. Find the right eyebrow product
    Hector says the easiest way to match your eyebrow product to your hair colour is to match it to your baby hairs.
  15. Are your eyelashes more cousins than sisters?
    Well, Hector has an explanation. The lashes that seem to fail you even on your best makeup days are the ones on the side you sleep mostly on. I know I’ve never thought of that ever before, so I guess I’m sleeping on my left side tonight…

I’ve learnt so much in this one hour masterclass that I had to share all these amazing (and genius) tips with you. Let me know which of Hector’s top tips is your favourite (mine has to be the highlighted ears!).

Glamour magazine x Hector Espinal

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