I made a podcast! πŸ₯³ Life – Tried & Tested with Irina on Spotify

Say hello to Life – Tried & Tested with me, Irina, your host. I have finally made a podcast! We talk life, love and share good vibes over a cup of coffee… or two. Expect tips on how to improve your lifestyle, fitness and mindset to finally become the energy you want to attract.

I dabbled with podcasts when I was studying journalism at Kingston University and have been fascinated by them ever since. I always have my headphones on and I am either listening to music or self-improvement podcasts… and I lack talent in the music department, so podcast it is.

Listen to the teaser and first episode below to find out a little bit more about myself, and discover how to actually keep your New Year’s resolutions.

I hope you will leave this little coffee date with a positive attitude and some food for thought. 

#14 Self-love Club: How to get comfortable with being on your own + fun solo date ideas Life – Tried & Tested

Hi and welcome to Life – Tried & Tested Self-love Club with me, Irina, your host. ✨ As Valentine's Day is soon approaching, I thought what a better time to chat all things self-love than now. So, this episode is special. πŸ’˜ Today, I have a little story time for you about how I became comfortable with being on my own. We explore the importance of loving yourself first, and the steps you can take to get there, too. Plus, I share with you some fun solo date ideas you can take yourself on this Valentine's Day or any other day, whether you're single or in a relationship. So, grab your coffee (or wine glass for this occasion – cheers!) and let's get into it. Hope you enjoy!Β  Blog: irinaiacob.net Get in touch on Instagram: @irinaiacob Why we should love every day, not just on Valentine’s Day Confessions of a hopeless romantic Lovesick 101 Music: Biscuit (Prod. by Lukrembo)
  1. #14 Self-love Club: How to get comfortable with being on your own + fun solo date ideas
  2. #13 Consistency: The key to persistent motivation
  3. #12 Who do you want to be in this life – your best friend or your worst critic? Plus tried and tested ways to banish negative thinking
  4. #11 Here's to 2022 & the importance of being grateful
  5. #10 The five types of hobbies you should have

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Come this way to listen on more platforms: anchor.fm/irina-iacob

Author: irinaiacob

My name is Irina, born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, currently chasing my dreams in London, United Kingdom. I first smiled on 23 October 1997 and I have done so since. In 2016, I wanted to create a blog to have an outlet for my creativity – a safe space where I could express myself and talk about subjects I am passionate about – beauty, fashion, lifestyle. I find inspiration in the little things and I always write with a cup of coffee next to me.

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