Our Roman Holiday: The best pizza in Naples & Marmore Falls

Question: what is the best way to spend a cold, rainy evening in London? Reminiscing our Roman holiday, of course. This time, we’re taking a trip to Naples and exploring the Marmore Falls.

Luckily, on our summer 2022 holiday to Rome we got to visit Naples thanks to our friend who really wanted us to try the best pizza in the world. No, not just the best pizza in Italy but the best pizza in the world. So, the expectations were high, as you can imagine.

The day before, we drove to the beach, swam in the Mediterranean Sea while the sky got cloudy and it started raining, and spent the night there. In the morning, after fuelling our sleepy selves with an espresso, we jumped in the car and got on the highway.

After two hours and a half, with grumbling stomachs, we arrived in Napoli. The day started off gloomy but by noon the sky cleared away.

The final destination was L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, one of the oldest and best pizzerias in Naples, founded in 1870. We heard there is always a queue, even before opening its doors at 11am. And of course, we were met by an already-formed queue right in front of the door, just before the clock hit 11.

Welcome to Napoli!
L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Da Michele pizzeria issues numbered tickets, either to dine inside or take away your preferred pizza. You can choose between the Marinara pizza, which has tomato, basil and garlic; the classic Margherita with just tomato, fior di latte cheese and basil; Cosacca with tomato, pecorino cheese and basil, or the Marita, which is half Margerita and half Marinara.

All priced €5! Yes, really, €5.

Da Michele pizza

Time for the taste test: I can confirm, it really is that good. Soft, melted cheese, tasty tomato sauce and that authentic and delicious pizza oven flavour. Just yum!

As we were spending the day in Naples, we walked around the city for a bit and wandered around the narrow streets.

Sunny day in Naples
Wandering around the city

Then, we decided to explore the Underground City of Naples. Got our tickets and underground we went. Buried ten metres under Naples, the ruins of Neapolis host an ancient Roman market with bakeries, laundries and wineries, as well as the palace of justice, and the public treasure. Fascinating.

The Underground City of Naples
An ancient Roman market

We also went inside the Chapter Hall, which was built during the Swabian dynasty in Naples, 1234 – 1266. Then, we visited the Room Sisto V, with walls and ceilings decorated in the art of Luigi Rodriguez that date back to the 17th Century.

Visiting Naples was definitely a cool experience.

Naples Chapter Hall
Room Sisto V

Another amazing thing we did while in Italy was going to the Marmore Falls, a man-made waterfall created by the ancient Romans, set in the region Umbria.

Around 100 kilometers away from Rome, this is the the world’s tallest artificial waterfall measuring 165 metres high. How cool?

Marmore Falls

There are five trails to follow and admire different views of the falls as well as explore the beauty of the park.

This is definitely a place to bookmark for your next trip to Rome.

But beware – I felt so tired by the time we reached the top, I was in shock. Maybe it’s best not to choose a super-hot day to hike all the way up and prep with some cardio beforehand. However, it’s definitely worth it.

The beauty of nature cannot be described in words.

Had the best day at Marmore Falls.

Fun fact: We heard someone who climbed right ahead of us saying there are 600 stairs, which doesn’t surprise me if it’s true.

Once we got to the top, we needed to recharge with some food and icy drinks. I got a delicious Italian lemonade and tried the porchetta sandwich for the first time. This Italian delicasy has slow-roasted pork, and I topped mine with rosted vegetables for extra flavour.

On our way back down, we saw a stunning rainbow and the drops from the waterfall fels so refreshing. It was absolutely dreamy. Take a look for yourself…

Mouth-watering! Loved this porchetta sandwich.
Dreamlike views

And this concludes our magical trip to Italy. After well over a month, I still have holiday blues. So, I am off to play some old Italian music and pour myself a glass of white wine.

See you soon here on blog,

Irina x

Author: irinaiacob

My name is Irina, born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, currently chasing my dreams in London, United Kingdom. I first smiled on 23 October 1997 and I have done so since. In 2016, I wanted to create a blog to have an outlet for my creativity – a safe space where I could express myself and talk about subjects I am passionate about – beauty, fashion, lifestyle. I find inspiration in the little things and I always write with a cup of coffee next to me.

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