What I eat in a day #1

Good morning! I hope you are ready to conquer this week. Here in London, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I always feel motivated and happy when it is so beautiful outside!

As I posted on my YouTube channel a video all about what I eat in a day, I thought I should detail my meal plan here as well.


One glass of warm lemon water with honey.

One cup of coffee with caramel syrup and almond milk.


Two slices of multi-seeds bread + Almond butter from PipandNut + one banana = around 440 kcal


One mango = 200 kcal


4 tbsp of hummus + one slice of bread/ 5 crackers + 6 cherry tomatoes + 1/2 spring onion = around 200 kcal


10 almonds (70 kcal) or Two slices of orange chocolate (92 kcal) or One gluten-free cookie with chocolate and coconut (140 kcal)


Lettuce leaves + 6 cherry tomatoes + 1/5 spring onion + 1/2 chicken breast + 100 grams of feta cheese + one tbsp Caesar salad dressing = around 450 kcal

I drink between 2l and 3l of water every day and a cup or two of green tea.